If you happen to be a past client of Rainbow Video Productions, thank you for your business.

Rainbow Video Productions, Inc. was incorporated on May 18, 1981.Our first production facility was in the basement of my home, the remnants of which still remain today although primarily relegated to storage.In 1981, the idea of a business dedicated to up-scale video production was a bit of an anomaly, at least in this part of the world.We had two significant competitors at the time (both long since gone), but the greater sales challenge was not the competition, it was convincing the corporate market that video was viable and necessary.It was a slow slog at first, but within the first two years we had picked up a number of regular clients including Dorsey Labs (now Novartis), Valmont Industries, Bankers Life Nebraska (now Ameritas), Woodmen Accident and Life (now Assurity Life), I.C.I. (now Syngenta) and a couple dozen more.


Having the production facility in the basement was disruptive for everyone;my family, our employees and our clients.We had people in our house at all hours of the day and night.†† (Cudos to my patient wife who regularly fed and looked after all of us.)It didnít take long before it became apparent that we needed a dedicated facility, so we built a studio and offices on our property, about 250 feet from my back door.For the next three plus decades, that was my commute to work.In that time, many talented individuals passed through employment with Rainbow.For some, Rainbow was a stepping stone in their production career, for others a launch point for their own business, others went on to unrelated careers.A few of these dear friends have passed into eternity.


Over the years, Rainbow produced many hundreds of projects, shooting tens of thousands of hours of video.Because our productions were for marketing, informing or teaching, we had the opportunity to see, learn about, and experience firsthand, many places, concepts and processes that others never have the opportunity to experience. I will always appreciate the trust placed in us by our clients in giving us the access we needed to tell their stories well.It was like being in school every day, I loved it!


Within our industry, we did our best to remain on the cutting edge of technology.We were often the first in the region to own and employ the latest and greatest tools of the trade. I have always loved the production process and being a part of the incredible technological revolution of recent years has been a joy.†† Itís definitely been a good run.


I share this with you because, as I move into retirement, I continue a need to maintain this domain so people can find me.Iím still in the office every morning at 8:00 and Iím still doing media oriented work, although I no longer maintain a staff.Iíve switched my focus to public-space electronic display technology and content development;specifying, purchasing, writing, producing, programming and installing equipment for museums and other public spaces.


To all who have been clients of Rainbow Video Productions, Inc. over the years, I am grateful for the business and the experiences.To my former employees, many of whom Iíve lost touch with, Iím grateful for your past friendship and your contributions to the success of the company.To God, I am thankful for His perpetual guidance and constant love and grace.


Blessings, my friends.



Rainbow Video Productions, Inc.

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